Thursday’s are my longest days for classes. I leave home around 10 and get back around 6:45. I know I should always be optimistic but every Thursday morning I wake up discouraged and not motivated because of the long day ahead. Today was no different. I woke up super tired and feeling extremely lazy and I barely made it to my first class on time.

I took my usual seat next to my friend. I got my bible and notebook out ready to take notes during the lecture. But today the professor started off by going over the study guide for our exam after spring break. After we were done with that I thought he was going to give a lecture but instead he said he was going to let us out early. I was super excited because we have never been out early before.

But he said before he let us go he wanted to pray a blessing over us. He prays before every class but today something just felt different. During his prayer for some reason I choked up a little bit. It was just great to have a professor pray over his students with a genuine heart. It was really a blessing and a good way to start off my day.

Then after he dismissed us I thought to myself what I would do from now until my next class because I had about an hour in between. That is when my friend looked over and asked if I wanted to get lunch. I was so down because if I didn’t eat then I wouldn’t be able to until about 2pm.

So we got in my car and headed over to pick up some food. This was the second time we have ever hung out like this. The last time was great but today was awesome. The drive there and back our conversation was just God centered. It was great to just hear his personal view on certain things and also talk about my faith.

Once we got back to campus we went to like the student lounge area to eat our food. As we were eating our main topic we talked about was the Holy Spirit. What I’ve realized is that ever since being at this school I haven’t really ever talked to anyone outside of a class setting about my beliefs and faith and hear the views of others. It was awesome to just be with another brother in Christ to talk about our father and our faith.

God has reminded me how thankful I am and should be about being at this school. There are many times I take advantage of being at a Christian university. Many times I don’t think much about it. But today I realized how big of a blessing it is to be able to attend school with other brothers and sisters and grow in God together. It’s awesome to just be able to talk about God and share my heart with someone over lunch.

God has placed these people in my life not to just call them acquaintances or fellow students. Rather, brothers and sisters that I can grow with together. It was refreshing to listen to someone outside of my church talk about their faith.

God definitely places people in our lives for a purpose. We shouldn’t over look them or abuse the blessing.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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