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It has been one super long day. After being at school from 11am to about 5:30 pm I was just exhausted. The weather didn’t help either, storming all day.

As soon as I got home all I could think about was eating dinner, writing my paper due tomorrow and then doing absolutely nothing. But that’s when I remembered a couple of my youth boys and youth pastor were hanging out to play board games and invited me. At first I was reluctant in going since I was so tired but decided to just meet them since they were at Panera and not play games and just write my paper.

Once I was done writing it was about time for Panera to close, and since my class got cancelled tomorrow and the guys are on spring break I just took the boys and my pastor to my house to play more games. We ended up playing til after midnight and then spent another hour just talking. But since it got late the kids just decided to sleep over.

Tonight was exactly what I needed after a long and busy day. It’s a blessing to just be in the presence of my brothers and relax together while having fun. When I’m with them all stress and burden are removed and I am able to feel like a kid again.

I find joy being with these brothers. I am always reminded how thankful I am for them in my life. What I am realizing more and more is how age is really just a number when it comes to being brothers. Even though we have our differences we have the greatest similarity and that is our love for God.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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God has been redefining a lot of things for me recently. He has been giving me new perspectives and refined lenses to view certain things in ways I have never seen before. Tonight was one of those moments.

Tonight was our March Praise and Prayer Night for Refresh. Usually for these nights I always have some sort of expectation and hope but tonight was a little different. Maybe it’s because it was a super hectic day before going to church but I literally had no expectations (but not in a bad way). I just had this sense of confidence and trust that God would do His thing tonight. Which He did.

Our worship team for tonight did a spectacular job. It was obvious that they were doing all things led by the Spirit and not of flesh. Their hearts of worship were crying out through all 10 songs. The praise portion of the night was amazing and really touching but to be honest it’s something I have experienced before (which is still awesome to experience all the time). But God did something in my heart that felt almost foreign but exciting.

Tonight’s theme was “community” so our prayer topics were all based upon the body of Christ. Our first prayer set was focused on interceding for our church as a whole as well as for the different ministries. That time was really great because we don’t really do that often. Then the second set of prayer was dedicated on praying for Refresh. That is when God overwhelmed me.

I had put prayer points to pray about for Refresh up on the screen. So everyone was on their own praying for these topics. As I was sitting all the way in the back I opened my eyes while praying and just saw all of our brothers and sisters diligently in prayer and that is when something just happened. I felt like God wanted us to join together and experience the power of prayer together.

I felt bad but I interrupted personal prayer time and I asked everyone to come together in a circle and join hands. As soon as all hands were joined and linked together, no joke I literally felt something crazy. The hand I was holding to my left and to my right felt glued to mine. It seemed like our hands were just connected together and we were truly unified as one body.

Then we started all praying out loud together for Refresh and that is when God’s power just started to reign down. It was so obvious and tangible that God was right there with us. His hand was in ours.

It was such a beautiful experience that is hard to explain in words. To be hand in hand with my brothers and sisters in Christ and come together with one heart of prayer for our Refresh family was so “refreshing”. That is when God opened my eyes and spoke to me. “This is what Refresh was meant to be”. In that moment He answered about a hundred of my questions through one revelation.

It hasn’t been the easiest season for Refresh and that lead me to really question a lot of things. Like what God wanted from this ministry, what changes needed to be made, what we were doing wrong, where He was leading us and many other similar thoughts. Through that moment of being hand in hand, unified in prayer He showed me that is what He wants from Refresh. He wants us to be a family, one body of Christ that prays together and worships together with ONE heart. Tonight God has answered my prayers and spoken to me. I am so thankful and truly blessed.

God has redefined to me this evening what the body of Christ is in modern day. He has given me a new perspective on ministry. Also He gave me confirmation and direction on what it means to be a leader of a God centered community.

Father God, how are you so awesome? I am so unworthy and undeserving but you have chosen to bless me with the greatest group of brothers and sisters that I could have ever asked for. Please always guide me to be a humble servant before being a leader. And may I always have a heart of thanksgiving and eyes to see the many blessings you pour out unto me every day in your divine ways. I will never be able to love you the way you love me but may I have the heart to try my best to do so. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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After classes today I met up with a dear brother of mine who is home from Atlanta for spring break. We met up in Over-The-Rhine downtown to just walk around and have lunch. It’s always a good time being able to hangout with him and catch up on life. He is someone that I can always rely on and be open to, so being able to just chill with him after a busy week on such a beautiful day was awesome.

I stopped by Starbucks on the way home to prepare for our Praise and Prayer Night tomorrow at Refresh. While I was picking out bible verses and deciding on prayer points I was filled with excitement for what is to come tomorrow. I just felt the peace and joy of God come upon me during preparation. I know that God has something planned for us tomorrow and I cannot wait to see it unfold.

After doing that I came home and waited for my family to get back from dad’s physical therapy session. Once they got back we decided to take advantage of the great weather and go do something since both my sister and I were free this afternoon which is a rare case. I have been looking for a bookshelf so we thought it would be a good idea to go over to Ikea together.

It’s been kind of a challenge to go places with my dad since his injury because he has to be in his wheelchair when not at home. It can be a hassle for him and he doesn’t really enjoy being in the wheelchair, especially in tight places. So we thought Ikea would be perfect since it is so big and open.

To be honest I had a blast there today. Being able to just push my dad around all over and talk to him was really nice. Before his injury I can’t ever remember being able to go somewhere as a family on a weekday afternoon since he is always working. So a time like today was truly a blessing.

For some, it may not seem like a big deal but for me it was a time I was really grateful for. Obviously I am not thankful for my dad’s injury but I am most definitely thankful for opportunities like today. I’m thankful that God has allowed my family to make the best out of a difficult situation. Even in the midst of a hard season I am able to witness His grace and love upon me, my dad and my family.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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After a 3 day weekend going back to classes this morning was a most definite struggle. It felt like mission impossible to get out from my cozy bed. After my 20 minute battle with the snooze button I finally got out of bed and headed to school. Waking up this morning I had no clue that an amazing day was ahead of me.

After classes I met up with one of my bible study boys that I haven’t been able to personally catch up with for awhile. He is someone that I can truly call one of my little (but big) brother.

The moment I saw him walk into the restaurant I was filled with a smile. Something about him just brings me joy. We ended up sitting in the restaurant for a little over two hours just talking about life. He has grown up so much and matured too quick since the last time I’ve really been able to sit one on one with him. But it was such a blessing that he was still so open and vulnerable before me.

He is a junior in high school and has been going through a phase where he now thinks he is a man lol. But to hear him still call me hyung (older brother in Korean) was a nice feeling. Showed me that our relationship hasn’t changed and that he isn’t too cool for me yet.

Spending that quality time with him was a blessing. It reminded me how relationships formed by God are everlasting. Brothers in Christ are forever brothers in life.

After coming home from hanging out with him I ate dinner and then headed over to church. We have our Praise and Prayer Night for Refresh on Wednesday and volunteers for worship were practicing tonight so I went to go be with them. I didn’t have much to do so I just sat there while they were practicing.

As I just sat there and looked at them my heart was just filled with joy. It was awesome to see three individuals from all different walks of life come together and unite as one to worship the Lord. It’s crazy how somehow some way God brought these people from California, Toronto and New Jersey to random Cincinnati and be a part of this faith community.

It was truly a blessing to witness their hearts unify just to praise and worship. To see them come together with their talents and use them to glorify God. Even though it was just practice I felt the spirit move in and through them. Unintentionally they led me in a personal time of worship that was so rejuvenating that I am so thankful for.

God has just revealed to me today once again how beautiful and lovely His children truly are. I am so thankful to call all these people in my life my brothers and sisters. God forms the most unexpected relationships but I am so happy he does so.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Easter Sunday has always been one of my favorite days because it always consists of a few of my favorite things; church, Jesus, family and food. Therefore today was pretty awesome. It was filled abundantly with blessings that I am so thankful for.

For people who know me they know that one thing that I really dislike doing for church besides singing hymns (lol) is translating. Being at a Korean-American church, whenever we have a holiday we do a joint service. That means the English speaking congregation and the Korean speaking congregation come together for a combined service. So I was asked last minute to do the translation for this Easter service. As usual I wasn’t really thrilled but I told them I would do it. The reason that I really dislike translating is because I am not that confident in my Korean and it is an area where I feel like I lack in.

So yesterday my senior pastor sent me his manuscript and I spent a little over an hour reading it and translating it into English. It was pretty short and concise so I felt pretty confident going into it today. But as most preachers know, a lot of times your message doesn’t go as planned. That is exactly what happened today.

While I was standing up there translating, reading off what I typed up, there was a sudden turn and my pastor started to go off script. In the moment I was thrown back and entered into panic mode. He kept on speaking but the things he was saying were not on my script in English.

No matter what, when he is finished with his sentences I would have to speak and say something. So I just prayed a quick prayer in my heart and trusted in God. Some how, some way God gave me the wisdom to fully understand everything He was saying so I could just translate on the spot. Honestly, I was very shocked I was able to do that. I had to actually do that for the majority of the sermon. Once it was over I was pretty relieved. I really thought that the congregation caught on and could tell I was nervous and was going along in the moment but when I talked to the other pastors after the service was over they all said they had no idea.


I was so thankful for that unexpected experience. Through that God gave me a refined confidence that I was desperately in need of. He helped me take one step closer in conquering my fear in translating. That is when I was reminded. If God has the power to raise His son from the dead, a minuscule fear and problem like this would be cake for Him to overcome.

After being filled with this joy and peace I went home. We had planned to have a cookout at my place with a whole bunch of my family just to spend time with each other and eat good food. That is exactly what we did. It is always a blessed time to be amongst my loved ones and just be in their presence. Overall today was a great day.

What I have been reminded of and realized this Easter was what it really meant to have new life in Him. That Jesus’ resurrection brings forth a life away from darkness for all of us. Because of His deed we are able to have a joy in our hearts and a hope for what is to come. Everything that holds us back can be broken because through Jesus we have resurrection power as well.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Today marked 19 years since my grandma has passed away. 19 years ago today I was only 3 years old. I don’t really have many memories of her. But I am able to know who she is through my family. My parents, my aunts and uncles and my cousins only have good things to say about her. All my life I have always wished I could have spent a little more time with her.


From what I know and what I remember I am so thankful for my grandma. She was actually one of the forerunners in our family in faith. Through her my dad was able to truly become closer to God and be the man of faith he is today. If it wasn’t for her and the seeds she has planted in our family, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today.

All my life my family would always tell me how much she loved me and adored me when I was a baby. They always said she poured so much love on me all the time. To be honest I wish I could remember. After I accepted my calling into ministry my aunt told me that grandma would have been so proud.

Every year for both my grandma and my grandpa we all get together as a family to just to remember each of them. It’s a Korean tradition where the family comes together to just spend time with each other while cooking and eating the foods that the one who has passed enjoyed. For Christian families like ours we do all that but also have a memorial service. In the past years we would always have our pastor come over and do the service, but recently after I have began ministry my family has asked me to do it.



Honestly it is not easy for me to do these services. I am always to choked up with emotions and it is just difficult. But as I was reading scripture and giving a quick message I was filled with a true sense of peace. Because I knew in that moment that my grandma was looking down upon me and my family with a smile on her face. We were gathered in her home (which is my house), with her children and grandchildren reading scripture and talking about God. I think that is probably exactly what she would have wanted.

I thought it was quite ironic how we were talking about my grandma’s death and new life in heaven, with Good Friday being yesterday and Easter being tomorrow. Just how Jesus was resurrected I believe my grandma was given new life 19 years ago and has been in the presence of God in the heavens ever since and forever more.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Good Friday has now come to an end. Wow, what a day it has been. Today was a day where I was truly able to challenge myself in my faith and push myself in ways I haven’t in a really long time. God has opened my eyes in unbelievable ways today.

I had it in my heart that I wanted to live this Good Friday just thinking about Jesus and how He must have felt through all that He went through. While reading through scriptures this week I was reminded that Jesus was 100% human therefore went through the same things that we do as well. He feels tired, hungry and thirsty. I can’t even image how grueling it was for Him as He went through everything before being crucified and the pain and hurt while hanging on the cross.

It is obvious that Jesus was able to get through it all because the whole time He was thinking about His Father and His children. I believe that is all Jesus was thinking about during his times of pain and suffering during the crucifixion.

So I challenged myself that on this Good Friday I will completely devote myself and my time to just think about God/Jesus through fasting and prayer. It was most definitely a challenge. Starting midnight last night I entered my fast. I slept only a couple hours before waking up to go to early morning prayer at 5:30am. After I got back from prayer I took a quick nap and then woke up to spend time reading scripture. After Bible reading I went to a park for a couple hours to just walk around in His creation to think about Him and read some more. I also met up with one of my youth boys there. After the park I came home and spent more time in scripture before getting ready and going to Good Friday service at church



Ultimately today was an amazing day. I was able to encounter God in ways that I haven’t in such a long time. I felt challenged but intentional in my pursuit of faith. I believe that I was able to be humbled and filled with thanksgiving.

I have been reminded once again today about what the cross truly means to me personally. I am so thankful that God put it in my heart and moved within me to challenge me in going deeper today.

While reading through the narratives of what Jesus had to go through for us while fasting was really refreshing and eye opening. I was able to view Jesus’ sacrifice for us in a brand new lens that I have never looked through before. All I can say is, thank you Jesus.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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It has been a tremendously long day. But even though it was long it was amazing. God moved in my heart in very unexpected but needed ways. He always reminds me that He knows exactly what I need.

This evening after my classes I went out to dinner with two of my youth boys since today was the start of their spring break. We ate together and afterwards went to a local coffee shop and played board games for hours. It was a time filled with laughter. I love being with these guys because whenever I am with them I tend to forget all my struggles and worries and all I am filled with is pure joy.

After we got done playing games we went outside to head to our cars but ended up standing around for another 20 minutes talking. That is when we decided that we will be fasting together tomorrow for Good Friday. I was so proud and happy that they were willing to fast and pray with me. It’s a new experience for them so I was ecstatic when they were willing to take on the challenge. By hearing their commitments it showed me how hungry they are for God and how they are striving to always break contentment and go deeper with the Lord. Their faith always amazes me.

We set up a plan on how we were going to fast together even though we won’t be together physically all day. After we made our plans we said our goodbyes and I jumped in my car to go home. Just like always the first thing I do when I get in my car is plug in my phone and turn on some music.

To be honest, today I have been feeling a little burnt out from praise music so pretty much all day I was listening to a K-Pop playlist that was on Spotify (don’t judge lol). Korean music has always kind of been my guilty pleasure and my secret escape. Today was one of those days. So tonight after meeting with the boys I turned on that playlist.

I had the playlist on shuffle and as soon as I left the parking lot something crazy happened. On the K-Pop playlist there was a gospel song. A K-POP PLAYLIST!! There is not reason for that song to be on there and I didn’t make the playlist, it was one made by Spotify. So I was just shocked and in awe.

While all day I was trying to take a little break from God, He showed up and came to me. He met me where I was and literally forced me to look upon Him. To be honest, that is exactly what I needed. The lyrics of the song were perfect too. It was about coming back to Him.


It is just crazy how God reveals himself to us. The God of all creation, the almighty God is wanting to encounter me. That is just unreal to think about but so awesome at the same time. Even though I was not looking upon Him, He was looking right at me all day. He knew I needed Him and He showed up. I really do not deserve this amazing love but God still decides to pour it upon me no matter what. God is so good.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Just got home a little bit ago from a wonderful night at Refresh. God moved in all of our hearts tonight. We were all able to witness the strength of scripture and encounter His words come alive.

Since it is Holy Week and we are only two days away from Good Friday I decided that we would do something a little different for Refresh tonight. Normally for our weekly bible studies we break up into our men and women small groups to read scripture together and go over discussion questions. But today I thought it would be a good idea to combine groups and go through many verses and retrace Jesus’ last steps together all the way until the crucifixion and His death. So we started off by sharing about our weeks and sightings of God and then went into our scripture reading and reflection time.

It was so refreshing (no pun intended) to get together with the sisters for a change and hear about their lives and how God has been working in and through them to start off our night. What I have realized is that I have lacked to dig deeper with many of the sisters because I am just involved with the mens group. So today was really nice being able to talk with them and share about our lives together.

After the time of sharing we went through multiple sections of Luke. We read through scenes throughout Luke 22 & 23. We looked at the Last Supper, Jesus praying at the Mount of Olives, Barabbas, Jesus Crucifixion and His death. After each section was read we took time to read over it again on our own, meditate and share our reflections with each other. We did that for every section.


It was extremely powerful to read through these scriptures and view what Jesus has done for us through the lens of Holy Week. To prepare our hearts together by mourning through reflection. What was really moving to me was that we were able to do this together. To come side by side and reflect on Jesus’ last moments and understand that everything we were reading was done for us. I was truly blessed through this time.

After we were finished with everything, everyone left and I stayed after for a bit to clean up. After locking up and getting all my stuff I walked outside to go to my car to leave. Once I got outside I realized what a beautiful night it was. Before I got in my car I looked up and just adored the night sky. While looking at the moon and stars I had a weird feeling of joy and peace mixed with sorrow. It just had me thinking about Jesus once again. The thought of His love for us filled me wit joy and peace but the thought of what He did for us because of that love gave me sorrow.


I saw God today.

Did you?


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For almost two months now every Tuesday me, our youth pastor and two youth student leaders gather to have prayer meetings. Tonight was our last one and I was so excited to go. I had to miss the last two weeks due to being out of town and my sister’s birthday so being able to be back tonight with my brothers and unite in prayer was a blessing.

After worship we went around and shared praise reports/answered prayers and prayer requests. It’s a time of sharing and conversation to see what we can pray about for each other.

So most people in ministry probably can agree with me that it is really hard to find a group where you can truly be open and vulnerable and share about all that has been heavy on your heart. But this group of brothers is my place where I am able to open up completely and share about my struggles and such.

The past couple weeks have been pretty difficult for me internally. I have been struggling with spiritual warfare and it’s taken a toll on my personal faith and my spiritual wellbeing. It felt truly amazing to share with my brothers what I have been going through and receive prayer from them. It was truly what I needed. I felt the peace, comfort and encouragement that I was desperately in need of. God reminded me through that time how blessed and thankful I am for these guys in my life to pick me up when I am down and always care for me through prayer.

So after praying for each other we entered into a time of intercession. This is when we usually focus on praying for our youth group, church, congregation and etc. But today we started off interceding for something else.

We began our intercessory prayer time by lifting our prayers for the tragedy in Belgium that happened today. It was truly heartbreaking to find out about this terrible news. It’s definitely something we never want to hear about or see happen anywhere in the world. Many times when we find out about such catastrophes we feel helpless. But I believe that as Christians we are called to action for such events no matter how far we are. The action that we are to take is to pray.

That is why I was so glad we were able to meet tonight. To unite in prayer for this nation that has been devastated and broken. So as brothers we came together and sent out our hearts and prayers to the Father. Times like these usually negatively effect the way people view God which leads to questions and doubts. But as believers in God’s true character and love we trust in Him and unite with Him in prayer.

I believe that the power of prayer is beyond any human understanding. I believe that prayers are like arrows that have a trajectory and the ability to to be used by God in His divine ways. And I also believe that prayers are answered.

God the Father’s heart breaks for Belgium. And us as the children of God and family in Christ break for Belgium. Together we come in prayer and intercession that His will and plan shall come to be in that nation. Our God is the God who can bring the dead to life and I strongly believe that He will restore and bring up life out of the rubble in Belgium in His time.

Our God is sovereign, almighty, compassionate, merciful and loving. I believe in Him.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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