I can’t believe that it is already Friday. This week absolutely flew by. It was such a busy but awesome week. Looking back there is so many things I’m thankful for in this past week.

One of my professors was saying yesterday how people in ministry are always pouring out to others which requires so much energy from your body and your spirit that they become exhausted and need rest. That is exactly how I felt today.

I woke up this morning just straight exhausted. It was a tiredness that is hard to explain. I just felt very drained without an ounce of energy left. I’m glad I was able to live this week truly serving God and pouring out to others but what I realized was that I kind of neglected myself and my body. I didn’t get enough rest and I did not spend enough time with God for my personal relationship with Him.

It all hit me like a train today. All day today I just felt so fatigued and had no sense of drive. I felt like a zombie at school and once I got home just turned into a couch potato. I eventually fell asleep for a couple hours and woke up a little before I was supposed to go to youth service.

In all honesty I did not want to go. All I wanted to do was crawl up into a ball and do absolutely nothing. But I felt it in my heart that I needed to go. I was in need of a boost and I felt God was saying I could get that at church tonight.

So I forced myself to get ready and head over. I ended up going a little late and missing the prayer time before service. But once I walked into the room the kids were still in prayer I could just feel the presence of the Lord upon them.

Seeing them pray encouraged me to get out of my funk and go pray on my own. Once I entered into my time of prayer I felt God speaking to me. He was encouraging me to let go of all things and come into an intimate time with Him. God was telling me to look upon this night as a time of joy. He wanted me to just allow Him to move in my heart.

Once we started worship my heart caught aflame. I was just able to let go of all things and lay down my burdens at His feet. Then I felt convicted to just stop worshipping for a minute and just listen to His children praising His name. I stood there with my eyes closed and ears opened. I could just feel the joy in the hearts of all the kids just pouring their hearts out at the feet of Jesus.

I was filled from the bottom up in my heart with pure joy. God removed all the tiredness and exhaustion and gave me eyes to see the light. I am so thankful for tonight. I was able to experience the joy and love of God flow throughout His people. I was able to snap out of my negative mood and become energized and motivated for the weekend.

God is good. His joy overcomes all things. I must always rely on Him for all my needs, rest and energy included.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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