Just got home after an insaneeeeee night. Talk about exceeding expectations. God moved in ways that I would have never guessed tonight. Our second ever praise and prayer night was definitely a success but a success totally ordained by God. I’m still in awe and everything that happened tonight just feels like a dream.

I don’t even know where to begin…

So all day today I was just filled with this crazy excitement for tonight’s praise and prayer night. I knew in my heart that God had something very special planned but I had no idea what it would be. So I got to church early and just prayed over what was to come. Then the other two members of the praise team for tonight came and we began to practice and in that moment I just knew that God was so ready to move.

But then it was 7:00, the time we start our service but there was only two members besides the praise team and the AV guy. So we waited for another 15 minutes and no one else showed up. Honestly, at first I was really thrown back. I was really confused and just felt weird. In my head I was expecting everyone to come out tonight and thought that it was going to be a jam packed night. But it wasn’t…

That is when god reminded me of the prayers I prayed last night. I asked Him yesterday that He would move in His ways and not through my personal ambitions or desires. I asked Him that He would exceed any expectations that I had and His will would be done. I also prayed that He would bring the ones who really needed this time with Him tonight. Then I realized, He answered my exact prayers in His divine ways. It was exactly the way that He wanted it to be.

So during worship I just let everything go and put my complete trust in Him. A couple others came in a little late but at that point I just did not care because I knew He was moving. Then it was time for our prayer set and tonight’s time of prayer was based upon just encouraging one another.

Since Sunday God has put a certain individual on my heart and had me continuously praying for that sister. Right before our prayer time she walked in. I had so many words that God has given me to share with her but the thing is, for our prayer times we randomly pick partners to pray for. Of course God moved and I ended up randomly picking her number out of the box. I ended up being with her and our worship leader.

It was such an amazing time being able to reveal to her the words that God has been giving me. But it didn’t stop there. That’s all that I was expecting but God turned the tables around on me. When her and my brother prayed for me I was just blown away. They spoke life into me and truth that I really needed to hear. It was such a refreshing time to be affirmed once again with words from God about who I am and what I am doing. My heart was truly ravished by His love through that. But God still wasn’t finished, He had another trick up His sleeve.

Then the big surprise happened.

So before Refresh tonight I was at a coffee shop just doing homework when one of my dearest brothers texted me. He was one of our original members in Refresh and also served along side me on the leadership team. For over a year we really grew together in our faith side by side. But last January he ended up moving to New Jersey and I haven’t seen him since. We have always talked about trying to meet up but it just never happened.

But when I read his text it said “guess where I am”. When I read that I had no idea. I was guessing he was maybe in Hawaii or visiting some of our close friends. But no. He said he was here in Cincinnati. He said he was here for a last minute business trip. When I read that I had to take another look because I couldn’t believe it. Then it hit me that he really was here. I was filled with an unexplainable excitement. So I text bombed him and was trying to arrange a time where I can meet him. Then he said if he has time he will try to stop by Refresh tonight.

So it was almost halfway through the praise and prayer night and he still didn’t show up so I just guessed that he got caught up in a meeting or something. So I just told myself I will see him tomorrow, no biggie. But of course God wanted to surprise me when my guard was down.

It was about 9:00 by now and time for us to end soon. Were were in our last worship set when all of a sudden the door opens and he enters. It was the first time seeing him after over a year since he moved. My jaw just dropped and I couldn’t contain my self. I just smiled and laughed. It was such a blessing to see him back in church where everything started. If it wasn’t for Refresh I don’t think we would have ever gotten as close as we are. And to see him not just out somewhere else but at Refresh truly was a blessing. Brought me back amazing memories and nostalgia. After a year, we ended up meeting again in God’s home in a time of worship. God is so good.



So once that amazing time of worship ended we all went downstairs and had a time of fellowship. It just felt so right to see him again amongst our community. It felt like he never left. After fellowship I had to drive him back to his hotel downtown but before that we decided to go get some coffee and just catch up.

It was just awesome being able to talk about life together and ultimately talk about God and our faith. Even though a lot has happened since he moved and we didn’t keep in touch as much as I wanted to, when we met up again it seemed like nothing changed. But the reason for that is because we have one huge commonality we can always talk about. God.

I am beyond thankful and lost for words for what God has done tonight. He has proved to me that His plans are perfect. The ways in which God moves is beyond our wildest dreams. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it and he delivers. God is just full of surprises. Tonight I witnessed the living God in action. I really needed a night like this, and He knew.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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