It was another solid day. Just spent the whole day hanging out with my parents. Nothing out of the ordinary. But what I have realized is that days like these when I’m not as busy I just become lazy and lack in my time with God.

So when I got back home from being out and about with my parents I just went straight to my bed and took an unnecessary nap that went longer than expected. I had to wake up to go to a prayer meeting that I was having with some of my brothers. To be honest I was hesitant from going because I just wanted to sleep and be lazy but I felt really convicted to go.

But after I woke up I was really feeling well. I think I’m currently getting a little sick. So that made me not want to go even more but I had already told them I would be there so I got myself out of bed, ate dinner and headed over.

Because of my unmotivated mindset I didn’t really have much expectations. Just sat there and waited for it to start. But the moment we entered into the time of worship my heart and mind started to change.

Worship was awesome and prayer was just amazing. It was an opportunity that God gave me to just come before Him. He gave me the open door to enter into an intimate time with Him.

I wasn’t intentional at all throughout the day in seeking Him. But God is a good Father and He seeked me. He met me where I was and gave me the chance to look at Him. That is exactly what I needed.

It was awesome to end my not so productive day with God. It’s an awesome feeling to finish a day knowing that I was able to spend some time with Him. Who wouldn’t want to end their day with peace and joy of the Lord?

God has reminded me tonight that I always need to make time for Him. No matter what I’m busy with or how I am feeling or my mood, I need to take a moment in my day to just lay everything down and give Him my devotion.

The things that I’m going through should not stand in the way of my relationship with God. Through it all He always deserves my attention. I should value my time with Him over anything else.

No matter how your day was, you have the ability to end it on the right note. Just give some time for Him. Because honestly, it never comes with regret.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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