Just got home from practicing our worship set for our praise and prayer night this Wednesday. It will be our second ever praise and prayer night and I am so thrilled. Our first one was last month and that night was one of a kind where God truly unleashed His spirit amongst all of us.

Through tonight’s preparation God revealed a couple things to me.

  • To not compare.

Honestly I have been a little worried and nervous for this praise and prayer night. The reason being is because the last one was so awesome. I had this fear that maybe this one will not be as “good” as the previous. I had this sense of personal desire and ambition that this one would hopefully be like the last praise and prayer night or even better.

But God revealed to me tonight that I should not have that kind of heart. I shouldn’t compare and hope for something from the past. Instead I should be open to something new and different, because God works in His divine ways. God doesn’t only move in the ways we know but He exceeds them. At times it might not be what we have wanted but it is perfect to Him.

Therefore God has given me a heart of anticipation rather than of expectations.

  • Be excited.

I have been always searching for God in the moment. But God has revealed to me that I must be excited and look forward to seeing Him again and again. To anticipate His presence this Wednesday.

The truth is God will be with us during our praise and prayer night. He will show up and be in our midst. Therefore I should be excited for that. Be excited to be encountered by Him. To look forward to my Father move amongst His children.

God has already planned and prepared our praise and prayer night. So just like a kid on Christmas morning, I should be excited to see His gift be unraveled. God is the greatest Father and I believe what He has ready for us will be exactly what He believes that we need.

God has given me a reminder to not be content with what He reveals today but instead have the conviction of knowing that there is always more. God’s love is everlasting and never ceasing. He always has something waiting for us ahead.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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