It was just one of those days where you wake up happy and excited to see what God has planned. From the moment my day started I was just in a very good mood. Honestly at times waking up Sunday morning to start a day of church and ministry can be a little difficult but today I was just filled with joy.

The morning service and youth group all went great. It was awesome to see some members of our church I haven’t seen in awhile. Always refreshing to just catch up on life in God’s presence.

Then it was time for our 1:30 service. I was really looking forward to giving today’s message because the topic is something that has been really on my heart.

The sermon title was “Who I Am, Who You Are”. The theme passage was Psalm 139:13-16. It was based on the central theme of who we are in God’s eyes and how we should view and encourage others as well.

This topic of finding my identity in God has been something I have dealt with for many years. It plays a huge role in my testimony and in today’s message I was able to share some parts of my story. I was able to share with everyone how I have been blessed to have the ability to view myself through the eyes of God and how much I hope that we all can be able to do so.

God has shared with me many precious secrets throughout the years about who I am to Him. Today was a day where he wanted to tell the congregations secrets about who they are to Him. I believe He succeeded.

I know that God moved in the hearts of our members today. He spoke truth and removed lies. He gave us a glimpse of His love and how we must love ourselves.

It was such a blessed service to see God move and speak His heart to us as a community but also individually. So many of us as humans in this world struggle with who we truly are but God reminded us who we are to Him.

I believe that breakthrough happened today. Chains have been broken and eyes have been opened. He reminded me that the goodness that He has for me is to be shared. I’m so thankful and have been humbled.

Thank you God for being a father that sees our flaws but loves our strengths. Thank you Father for creating us in your image and making us with a purpose. Thank you for fearfully and wonderfully making every child of yours. Thank you for doing everything out of unexplainable love.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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