70 degrees in February? I will most definitely take it 🙂 last Saturday was absolutely frigid with temperature in the teens and in one week God surprised us with the total opposite. He gave us a little glimpse of spring today, and it was beautiful.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was a day close to perfect. Filled with pure joy, laughter, peace, blessings, revelations and God. He has revealed to me that it’s not just nature that goes through change but our lives go through a transition of seasons as well. And today I saw the fruits of it.

Most already know, but my dad has not been able to walk for almost three months now due to a femur break. Due to that, he hasn’t been able to work or really do anything at all but just stay at home all day doing nothing. It has really been hard to see him like this. My dad has been in a state where he just does not seem very happy. Thoughts are just painted on his face. Not many jokes have been cracked like usual and not as many smiles have been on his face. As his son it has been extremely difficult to see him like this. But today things seemed to take a slight turn for the good.

Since the weather was so beautiful out it made it easier for us to take him out. So after my sister got off work this afternoon, as a family we all went out to eat for lunch. Even driving to lunch was just a blessing, to be able to have the family of 4 in one car, driving around on a sunny day. We used to always do this but since my dad has been injured it was our first time. I couldn’t help but smile.

Lunch was great. Awesome food and amazing conversations. After lunch, we decided to take advantage of this beautiful day and went to the park. We just walked around the trails while pushing my dad on his wheelchair. It was such a simple thing but to me it was huge. To just see my dad spending time with the family outside of the house and in the creation of God. Seeing him smile and laugh, and display the dad that I knew, had me filled with happiness.

Being able to see my dad in such a happy mood was one of the greatest blessings I could have asked for. God revealed to me through all this that seasons do change. There are hard times, difficult times, times of sadness and despair. But when the seasons change, it brings forth optimism, joy, peace, love and comfort.

I am so thankful for a day like today. When God reminds me that He is there and He brings us what we need. God ultimately knows our heart and our desires and today He fulfilled them. 12743618_1111579008892869_8561897402125113998_nIMG_1977.jpgIMG_1980.jpgIMG_1981.jpg

After the amazing time spent with my family, I had to head over to a youth group gathering. For some reason this whole week I was really looking forward to this time for many reasons.

So our youth group has been in a very abnormal season. a season not like any other. To say bluntly, it has just been difficult. It has been a time of many trials and hardships for the group as a whole but also for specific individuals. Also, recently we had one of our teachers leave but through that, we have received a new teacher through God’s provision (which I have written about in earlier post). So it has overall just been a time of change and transition.

But this week, God gave me this feeling of excitement and hope for tonight’s gathering. I just kind of knew in my heart that He was wanting to move in His divine ways tonight. Through the youth group but also through all the members personally. Also I was just really excited that the new teacher would be able to join the kids for the first time in an event outside of church. I had a feeling deep down in my heart that confirmation would happen for her as well as for our kids through tonight.



Yes. God moved and He fulfilled His promises. It was a night that just exceeded all of my expectations. It was a time where His spirit overflowed.

He brought a lot of the kids that were on my heart that haven’t been coming out as much. Seeing each of these kids walk through the door when arriving filled my heart with joy. And I knew that God had something prepared for them tonight. And watching the new teacher just come in and fit in with the kids so comfortably was so awesome to see. To see her worshipping next to the kids and having conversations and laughing together was a sign of my prayers being answered.

Tonight’s time of worship was absolutely amazing. God gave all of us an opportunity to really look upon Him and to be in His presence. It was a time of healing, breakthrough and intimacy with the Lord. During times in the worship I couldn’t help but stop singing and just listen to His children singing their hearts out to their Father.

I believe that tonight was a taste of what is to come for our youth group. God was revealing to me that for this youth group a time of change is right at our doorstep. That whatever season we believe that we are in today is about to change into a season that is unexpected. God has truly given me this revelation that something new and something we have never experienced before will come. God never gives up on His children and His plans for us are to be perfect.

I just really want to thank God today. Thank Him for His wonderful ways. Thank Him for showing me that seasons do change. His blessings and love never ceases. I am so excited to see His plans unfold in this new season.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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