Like I have said in my earlier posts this week, it has been a very busy one. Finally it is Friday and time for the weekend. Today I woke up again really groggy and just not in the greatest mood for classes. After classes all I could think about was to hurry up and get home and take a nap. But when I was heading to my car after classes to go home my dad called and suggested that we go out for lunch since it was such a nice day. At first I hesitated, but thought to myself why not.

Today was your typical abnormal Cincinnati weather. Last week it was in the low 20s and today was 60 degrees. Therefore my dad wanted to take advantage and go out for lunch. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I went somewhere with just my mom and dad without my sister. So I thought to just take advantage of this day and spend some quality time with my parents.

While driving home I had a lot of thoughts to myself. Realized that I have not been the best son these days. Not because I was doing anything bad or being rebellious but just always having the excuse of being busy. I have been feeling that I am always too busy for my family. But God wanted to remind me today that I should always make time for the ones I love and who love me.

It was really convicting to look back at these past couple weeks at all the times my mom asked to hangout. I always responded with “I am busy”. It came to a point where she said she won’t even ask anymore because she knows that I will have an excuse. I was so convicted and felt guiltiness. The thought that came to my mind was if the things that I am busy with really are more important than my family.

So I got home, picked up my parents and went out to eat. It was just a great time of wonderful conversation and laughter. Just catching up and spending time with each other with no worries in the world. After lunch we went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner. All in all it was a great time. That’s when I realized that I should always try to make time for my parents.

God gave me a revelation through this. That just how, all that my parents want from me is some quality time, in the same way that is all God really wants too. He just wants to spend time with me just like how my parents want to. In the same way, just how I should always make time for my parents, I should always make time with God. Because 10 times out of 10 it will be a good time.

God has revealed to me that I need to lay down my busyness at times and make some time for Him. I always say that I am busy serving Him and doing things for Him but am I actually giving Him what He truly wants. I believe God isn’t always just looking for service but rather, quality relational time. Moments to just be with Him without any distractions. To just look at His face and have conversation.

God is a Father. And what He desires is a relationship. He is not a boss and I am not an employee. I am a child, and all the father wants is to hangout.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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