What a blessed Sunday it has been. It was a busy day with giving two sermons and such but at the end of the day it was great. And this morning was a morning that was so special to me. Felt like a gift from God. Let me explain.

So I gave the message for our first service this morning. And last night my sister got a call from one of my cousins who lives about 40 mins away or so saying that she was going to come to our service this morning. When I heard that I was honestly shocked but also very excited.

My cousin and I have always been pretty close. Her parents live only about 5-10 mins away from us so growing up I would always see and hangout with her. But something I’ve realized is that I have actually never been in church with her. So to hear that after 22 years finally I would be able to be in a service with her and have the honor to give the message with her in the crowd was such a blessing.

Not going to lie I stayed up til about 3am last night just preparing and continuously getting my heart ready and thinking about the sermon for this morning. It was my personal ambition but I really was in hope that God would really speak through me for the message.

So morning came and I was in the sanctuary when service started. But the days that I give the sermon I sit in the front pews therefore I can’t see who has come in. Then it was time for greeting one another and I turned around and saw my cousin and her husband behind me. I can’t explain the joy that was in my heart.

Then it was time for the message and I went up to the stage and turned around and God just moved in my heart. To see one whole pew with my mom, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin-in-law had me very emotional. In that moment I just felt so blessed, to be in the house of the Lord on a Sunday morning with my family to Worship our Father and hear His voice.

The message was about loving God and also about His love for us. For some reason the whole time I couldn’t help but look into my cousins eyes. And I believe from the bottom of my heart God moved in her heart this morning just like He moved in mine.

As a family we have done countless number of things together. Go on so many family vacations, hangout, go out to eat, have long nights of conversations, and so many other things. But for me, worshipping God today together was one of the most precious moments.

Ultimately I believe that is what family is all about. To come together in the presence of the True Father. Worship Him and enjoy His love for us together.

I am so thankful for today. God does answer prayers in His perfect timing. He knows our hearts and desires and puts out blessings beyond our expectations.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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  1. Ashley Hamlin says:

    I love everything about this ❤

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