Today has just been another great day for the books. God has revealed Himself to me throughout this Saturday. I have been reminded of how blessed I truly am and how humble I should be.

So today is the day before Valentine’s Day, the day throughout my life that consisted of just time spent with family. But today I woke up with a package in my bed sent from my first ever Valentine 🙂 Not gonna lie it is a pretty good feeling lol. That definitely started my day off on the right on foot. Thank you 🙂

Then my day just continued to get better.

So I got a call from my uncle saying that him and my aunt were coming to visit Cincinnati from Columbus. They visit a lot so it wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary but after talking to my aunt, I realized God wanted to speak to me through her.

My aunt has always been one of my biggest supporters in my faith as well as in my calling in ministry. I know that she is always praying for me daily. She shared with me that today she woke up for some reason around 3am with a conviction to pray for me.

Then she shared that every time she prays for me she prays while looking at a couple pictures of me that she has from a past vacation we went on. When she said that I couldn’t remember what pictures she was talking about but she actually brought them to show me. The moment she showed me the pictures I was really taken back.

So these pictures were taken during our summer vacation during the summer of 2013. That happened to be the season of my life where I was struggling with making the decision to whether accept my calling to go into ministry or not. That vacation was actually the time where I was having a lot of internal battles to figure out if I was going to pursue ministry and commit my life to God.

Also it was a time where I was struggling on figuring out how to tell my parents the big news.

In every single one of these photographs you can see how “out of it” I was. The deep thoughts and stress were painted on my face. I haven’t seen these photographs since they were taken. And being able to see myself in that season of my life in these pictures really brought me to a humble place of thought.



Those moments captured were literally weeks before my life was changed. To relive those times and to think about my mindset and heart condition during those times through photographs really was an interesting experience. I just could not stop staring at the photos.

God has revealed to me how much my life has changed since that time. And I realized how thankful I should be. These photographs depict one of the most difficult seasons of my life. That was a time where I didn’t know who I was or my purpose in life. But to now look at myself in the mirror and have the ability to really understand who I am is such a blessing.

God spoke to me today. To tell me how humble I need to be. To remind me of the beginning chapter of the book I am living out today. To show me where I began and how everything started.

Even though I thought those times were the hardest times ever. I wouldn’t be the son of God I am today if it wasn’t for those struggles. If I didn’t trust in God the way I did and didn’t persevere with His strength I would have never overcame that slump.

God gave me such a humble reminder today through pictures of my past. He reminded me that I wasn’t always a leader, or on staff at church, or preached every Sunday, or always had my own ministry. But there was a time in my life where I was lost. But the beauty is, now I am found.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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  1. Ashley Hamlin says:

    That facial hair though…thank GOD you grew out of that phase hehe


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