Just got home from tonight’s youth Friday night service. To simply put, God’s will was done tonight. He revealed so much through His words, worship and through the wisdom of His children.

Before every Friday night service we have a time of prayer to prepare our hearts for the service as well as to intercede for various prayer points. Tonight I led the prayer time and minutes before, God put it on my heart to have “unity” be the theme of our time of prayer. So we gathered and just prayed for unity in the youth group and that God will bring us all back together through His true love.

Then we entered into the service where we began with worship. For me personally I really felt like tonight’s worship wasn’t just for our own emotions or feelings but it was really a time of offering where we could give unto God what he deserved and to just give Him our praise and glorify His name.

After worship we did something we have never done before. Usually we have a message or time of prayer but instead we gathered in a circle together to read the bible. The youth pastor said we would be reading the whole book of 1 John. At first I had mixed feelings because I didn’t know what this could really lead to but I knew God had a plan so I approached it with an open heart.

So we went around and took turns reading verses and completed the book. It was crazy how much God opened my eyes and gave me new revelations about my faith just through reading this scripture together as a community. We went around and shared what verses and points stood out to us.

Hearing the things that the kids were sharing really blew my mind. God spoke through them to me. To see how they thought God was speaking to them through the verses translated into a way God was speaking to me. That’s when I encountered the power of scripture and the strength of community.

Isn’t that what community is for? To encourage one another through and to God? That is what happened tonight.

IMG_1724 (2).jpg

I just love this youth group so much. My little brothers and sisters. How much I love them. To see how mature they are in their faith and to take part in their flame like desire for God. To be hand in hand with this rising generation of warriors for Christ. I am blessed.

What a time of joy it was tonight for me to encounter the living Father with my fellow brothers and sister in Christ. So thankful to be a part of this community and to grow in faith together.

IMG_1724 (2).jpg

I saw God today.

Did you?

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