Currently I am sitting in my office at church after a wonderful night of Refresh Bible study and worship. Everyone has left and I am here alone. Not going to lie it can get a little creepy at times sitting in this huge old church by myself. Hearing all the creaks and crackles here and there. But today I wanted to take sometime on my own to have some quiet time with God and meditate by myself in the sanctuary. Also I was planning on taking some pictures of the sanctuary because there isn’t really a chance to get the sanctuary all to my self so I wanted to take advantage.

I was walking around taking pictures, checking out different angles and was acting like I knew what I was doing (which I don’t). But I was really taken back about something.

So I have been at KMUMC (Korean Madisonville United Methodist Church) for all my life. I was baptized here as a baby and now I am serving on staff. I always knew it was a blessing to be able to serve at my home church, the church where I fell in love with Jesus. But as time went by, I forgot how thankful I should be to serve and be at this church.

While I was walking and looking around the sanctuary tonight by myself, I was just filled with so many thoughts and memories. I have probably sat in those pews a million times or maybe even more and looked at the cross on the altar countless number of times. But for some reason when I was looking at the sanctuary through my camera lens I was able to see everything in a new perspective. In a new light.

I don’t really know how to explain, but looking at this place through a camera lens opened my eyes. After every shot I would look at the camera screen and just stare. I realized how beautiful my church really is. Not just because of the architecture and all that but this place is a beautiful dwelling place of God. It isn’t just a building but it is a place where hearts encounter the Lord and sons and daughters get to meet their father.

There are obviously hard times and rough storms that come with serving here. But God is showing me it is all worth it. God reminded me of something I was really in need of hearing. How much I love this place. How much I love serving here.

I’m so thankful for this place. I’m blessed to serve here. And I love it that I can call it home. My church.


IMG_1689 (1).jpgIMG_1707.jpgIMG_1699.jpgIMG_1701.jpg

I just want to thank God for giving me eyes to see what He sees when He sees my church.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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