Honestly, today has just been a good day. A happy day. Very blessed 🙂 Today was a day where God used many people to speak through and move through to tell me how much He loves me. To give me confidence, confirmation and a smile.

So last night I had really really bad neck and shoulder pain (literally pain in the neck) that I’ve never experienced before. Before I went to bed my sister gave me a massage for about 30 mins even though she has a cold. And I woke up this morning to my mom massaging my neck and shoulder. Not going to lie it was really touching. To know that I am loved and that someone goes out of the way for my well-being is truly a blessing.

After morning service at church I was down stairs in the fellowship hall just drinking some coffee and taking it easy before a meeting. To be honest I felt kind of stupid because I was walking around with my neck sticking out because of the pain, looking like a turtle. But so many people randomly came up to me giving me so many compliments. Not going to lie it made me feel pretty good hearing such kind words from so many people. And out of those compliments the best one was when people said I looked like I lost weight 😉 lol. Everyone’s caring words just encouraged me to have a smile and be positive.

Today was the first day for the member of Refresh that I mentioned in an earlier post that God has called to serve the youth group as a high school girls bible study teacher. When introducing her to the youth group I could tell it was a little awkward but deep down the excitement and accepting hearts were obvious. It was such a blessing to see her take that big step as a servant of God.

Then after bible study I was walking in the fellowship hall while everyone was eating lunch when one of the youth high school girls stopped me. So I asked her how today was with the new teacher and she gave me two thumbs up and smiled. Then she said something to me that really was touching. She said, “I’m really appreciative for you. Really thankful for all that you did to have her become our teacher. Thank you”.

The truth is, as someone in ministry I don’t do things for the eyes of other people. But in reality one of the biggest things I have kind of struggled with even though I shouldn’t, is feeling like the things that I do go unnoticed or not valued. I know I shouldn’t have these kind of thoughts , because I’m doing it for God, but sometimes it is really hard to avoid those emotions.

But in times like today, when that youth girl took the time to say thank you, it gives me confidence and encouragement. Reveals that I am not just doing things out of my own ambition but obviously doing things that God wants. Made me very thankful.

So after that happens I am just filled with joy and positive vibes before going to the 1:30 service to give my sermon. So I go upstairs to get ready for the service and talk with the praise leader and as soon as I see him he is just in a great mood. Straight cheesing. To see him with such a joyful heart really put a smile on my face. Even when he was leading worship today it was obvious that God was moving through his joy and peace to lead all of us in praise.

The service went very well and afterwards I went around to just greet everyone that came to the service. Then one of the members comes up to me with some dried up tears under her eyes and just tells me that the sermon really touched her today. God is good.

Overall what I encountered today is encouragement. Encouragements from others and ultimately encouragement from God. People that serve or are in ministry know that being a humble servant is so hard. But when you hear warm words from people around you to build you up, it gives you energy. Helps to push you a little more.

Words are so important. Words are a tool from God that can be used for good and evil. It is so important how we use our tongue and the way we speak to one another. I was able to be on the receiving side today and that has pushed me to be the one who speaks life into others like people have done for me today.

God spoke through others today to renew my confidence and also renew my humbleness. He spoke to me to just remind me that He loves me and that He is pleased. He spoke to remind me that He is watching me and that He is there. Thank you God.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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