Not going to lie this past week was crazy crazy. I can not believe it is already Saturday and in a couple of minutes it will be a new week. There was a lot of chaos and headaches this week but God was there through it all. Finally, I was able to find some rest.

So today was not very eventful but instead it was just a time to relax and chill. Just be in the presence of God and soak. Nothing out of the ordinary or supernatural happened but even though I wasn’t doing much today I knew God was with me. I also believe that at times, God wants you to just take it easy and have a breather. Why? Because He cares about our sanity as well.

There was a fellowship with the youth group tonight where we went to the pastor’s house for pizza and just played games together and hung out. But before I went, I was getting ready in my bathroom and just listening to praise music. For a lot of you who know me you will know, the bathroom is actually the place I go to just find peace and be alone. That probably sounds crazy and really odd but that is where I like to just listen to praise and worship Him (judge me lol).

So what is my overall point in all this?

Even though I wasn’t busy or doing something out of the norm I was still able to find God and just chill with Him. Find a place where I can be in peace with Him. Think about Him. Look towards Him and sing to Him. I was able to find the rest that I have been desiring for and I am glad I was able to find it through and with Him.

I saw God today.

Did you?


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