It is currently 1:29 AM so technically I am a little late on my post but I think it I can be excused lol. Let me just say, today has been quite a long long day. Left the house at 10am and just got home. Worked on a paper for 5 hours straight after a long day of classes and at last I am here, sitting on my bed, where I belong. How could I express my current state..hmm… how about… exhausted, brain dead, vegetable, hungry, delirious… joyful, peace and loved. Didn’t expect those last three things did you? Well let me explain.

I can not explain how overjoyed I am to say, today (well technically yesterday) marks one week of this journal. First of all praise God. I want to say this as humbly as I can.. I DID IT! Well let me re-phrase that. WE did it.

Give and take. That’s what relationships are all about right? Well I most definitely experienced that this week. I gave Him my desire, time and attention and He responded with grace, love and encounters.

This past week I saw God every day. Seven days in a row I met my Father. I can confidently say that this past week was a week spent in the presence of GOD. Wow… that feels good to say.

God prevailed. He proved His point and made it really clear. Seek and you will find. Did He stay true to that? AMEN, HE DID INDEED.

So what did I get out of seeing God every day this week?

Confirmation. Confirmation that God is an omnipresent Father who is everywhere His children are. Confirmation that he answers prayers. Confirmation that He speaks as well as listens. Confirmation that he loves me so much. Confirmation that I love Him so much.

Grace. I am so undeserving and so unworthy of Him, but when I ask he answers. Who am I that as just a simple mortal being can see God of all creation? How? Why? Because of His grace. Because He loves me enough to say Hi and reveal himself when I search. Grace is the ultimate gesture of love. That is how my God loves.

Passion. A burning desire to look for Him in every moment of my every day. Let’s take a step back and think about this. I wasn’t forced to seek Him every day. Actually, I WANTED to seek Him every day. I formed a burning passion to live my life daily with my eyes open and heart receptive. A passion that leads to motivation that results in a purpose and motive for living.

Peace. Through all the chaos. All the noise. The busy schedule. My everlasting ToDoList. Knowing I was in the arms of my Father gave me peace. Honestly, This has been one of the most busiest weeks I have had in a long time when it comes down to school work. But for some reason I can’t say it was stressful. Because knowing that God is in my presence in all that I do, Knowing that God is by my side, Understanding and realizing that magnificent truth gave me a peace that transcends all things.

Joy. Going to bed being able to say “I saw God today” and waking up knowing I will see God today. That gives me joy. What more could I ask for?

And ultimately…

HUNGER. Hunger for more. It’s been a week. In one week He revealed so much. Am I supposed to be content with that? NO WAY. This has just caused me to want more. To hunger for something deeper, something wider. This week was amazing. I want more of that. I am hungry.


On my way home driving tonight I thought to myself:

Before this past week, what in the world was I living for every day? What was my purpose in waking up every morning? What was my motivation for the next moment in my day? Because now, I can’t imagine living a purposeful and meaningful day without seeking God. How was I trying to be in a relationship with my Father without having the care to see His face, hear His voice and feel His touch? I was guilty of that. But the cool thing is, that has now changed.

I saw God Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…. and…

I saw God today.

Did you?

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