Just got home from church. Tonight’s youth service was just a time filled with great worship and a message that was filled with hope. I believe that God was truly touching and moving through the praise leader tonight. It was obvious that his heart was the heart of worship. Not just as a praise leader but as a son of God.

In the middle of worship he said some things that were convicting and had me thinking about my personal faith. He said a word that has been on his mind this week was the word “Pursuit”.

He asked questions like, are we pursuing God? Are we reaching out to the Father? Are we actually being intentional and active in our relationship with God?

But following that he said asked a question that really touched me. “Are we interacting with our Father?”

What I realized after hearing that question was I am definitely seeking God in my life right now and I really am pursuing Him, but… am I interacting with Him?

Am I just seeking God so He can prove to me something? So that I can just know that He is everywhere? Am I looking for Him every day just so I can say that I saw God everyday? Am I just just saying “hi” the moment I see him and then turning away? Or am I actually interacting with Him.

What I realized that really convicted me was that this past week even though I saw God and met Him every day, I didn’t actually interact with Him as much as I should have. I didn’t dig deeper but instead I was just content with understanding that He showed Himself to me.

The reality is, God doesn’t just reveal Himself to us so we can just recognize Him. He makes Himself real to us so we can interact with Him. So we can spend time with Him and get to better know Him.

I believe that God appreciates the pursuit, but He loves the interaction.

Tonight has really challenged me to not only look for His face but to hold His hand and go somewhere deeper. Not see Him and then say bye until tomorrow, but to meet Him and continue to further my relationship with Him throughout the day.

God is a relational God. He doesn’t want to just see us. He wants to be with us.

I hung out with God today.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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