These past couple weeks I have been able to truly hear God’s voice. It has been awhile since I could confidently say that, but now I can say with conviction that God speaks to me. I have witnessed confirmations to know that the things He has been saying to me are from Him and not of my own.

So last weekend I found out that we are in need of someone to serve in a particular ministry at our church. It’s kind of urgent and we need someone that has some specific attributes. This ministry is one that my heart really burns for. So after finding out we are in need of someone to serve, I have been in prayer and discussion with God.

I continued to ask Him in the span of a couple of days who He believes will be the right fit to serve in this position. Then God spoke. He pointed out one person and only that person. That is when I knew, she was the one. But to be honest I was a little hesitant and was filled with some doubt. She is fairly new to our church and I knew she had some questions of her own so I really didn’t know how she would react.

So I kept on praying about it and asking God if this was really the right person. Then randomly yesterday she messages me on Facebook with an article about engaging God. She told me how that article really was touching and convicting to her. That is when God reminded me again, she was the one. Why? Not because she is the perfect fit for the position, or that she is extremely spiritual or anything like that. But the reason is because she is hungry. She has a desire to grow and learn more about God. And I believe that kind of heart is truly valued and desired by Him.

So then I texted her last night asking if I could talk to her after Refresh (today). So after our gathering and fellowship we met up and I began the conversation. Honestly, I had some doubt and some worries. Because I didn’t truly know if it really was God’s voice telling me that she was the one He wanted to serve. I started to feel like possibly it was just my voice and my desire. But I told myself I will just trust in Him.

I continued on telling her why I thought she would be right for this position. Kept on rambling and repeating myself. Then she said she had a funny story, in that moment I knew God was doing something. I was curious to hear her story.

She said that she has felt like God has been telling her and giving her a desire to serve. She thought that God was speaking to her to serve in the praise team and that is something she was really considering. But then she found out this week that, that position has just been filled (Talked about this in my earlier post “Simultaneous Revelation”). So she said she kind of questioned Him, and was wondering if it really was His voice telling her to serve.

But what I realized is that God did that for a reason. The reason God blocked that was because He had something already planned for her.

So we kept on talking about the serving position and she had some questions. I tried to answer her the best I could and kept on trying to give her the right information. Then all of a sudden, mid-conversation she says: “YES. I will do it”.

I was not expecting that, at all. I was thinking she might want a couple weeks to think about or even just say no. But she said yes. God called and she answered. She didn’t try to negotiate with Him or compromise. She honored His calling and replied with action. So now she will be serving God and His people at our church.

God proved to me through her that He is not a liar. When He told me He wanted her to serve, He meant it. When He spoke to me, it was truly His voice and not something I just made up. He proved to me that He can speak to me if I am willing to listen.

Through all my doubt and fear that it wasn’t really God’s voice He showed me to just trust in Him. Trust in His ways and His heart. In His voice. God spoke to me. The God of all creation spoke to me. He also spoke to her. The beautiful thing is.. He didn’t lie. His words were true and divine, and when we honor His heart, He reveals it to us.

I saw God today.

Did you?


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