I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot last night with kind of a heavy heart. Just a couple hiccups here and there throughout my Monday. Then I felt a conviction to call a very dear brother of mine who lives a couple hundred miles away. Haven’t talked to him in a while so it was great catching up and being able to just speak my mind and receive honest and godly answers.

After a while of talking back and forth (in reality, mostly me talking) He said before we hung up he wanted to pray for me. To be honest this whole praying over the phone thing is something I’m used to now but took awhile to get used to. But of course I’m always down to accept prayer.

So I am sitting in my car in the Starbucks parking lot with my eyes closed and my phone to my ear receiving prayer. Honestly it was amazing. To know that someone who is not even near you can move your heart with the power of prayer. That was when I realized, that’s what brothers are for. To pray for each other. Because the truth is, prayer is powerful and prayer doesn’t see distance.

So we hang up and I’m feeling good. Really felt the comfort of God and knew His presence was amongst me. Then randomly another brother who lives a couple hundred miles from me who I haven’t seen or talked to on the phone for over a year shoots me a text. He says he just wants to catch up and talk if I have time.

So it is almost midnight and he gives me a call. It was so great to just hear about how everything is going and how he is really pursuing a God-centered life. It was great to catch up with my brother and have God as the center and foundation of our conversation. So even though a lot has changed since we’ve seen each other we still had something to talk about. That in itself is a beautiful thing.

Then after talking for awhile we share prayer requests. Honestly, the normal me would have just wrote down his prayer requests on my phone and pray for him on my own some other time. But since what happened to me a couple hours before that, receiving prayer from a brother on the phone. I felt the conviction and calling from God to go ahead and just pray for him in that moment.

During that prayer I really believe I encountered God. I just had this assurance that God was listening. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to pray for my brother who I haven’t seen in over a year. That is when God reminded me, one of the biggest bonds that holds a Christ-centered relationship together is prayer. Prayer has power and prayer happens out of love. Love for God and for one another.

So then Tuesday rolls around (today) and I wake up feeling good. I have a message from a member of Refresh with a link to this amazing article about engaging God. So those words definitely were encouraging to start off my day. Had a lot of things I had to do but it was okay because I was excited for this little prayer meeting a couple of us were going to have tonight.

So I go through my day and then 8:00pm hits and I go to my youth pastors house with a couple of the youth brothers and a sister. We start off by just singing a few songs but while we were singing the presence of God was unveiled to me. That is when God reminded me of the verse about where two or more gather He is with us. I knew in that moment we were in the Presence of our Father.

Then we go into a time of sharing prayer requests and praying for each other and the youth group. Words couldn’t explain how great it was. To be with a handful of my brothers and a sister in Christ on a rainy Tuesday evening just joining together in one voice and heart of prayer. To intercede for our youth group, for our church and for our faith community. That’s what brothers and sisters are for right? To worship together and to pray together. For our hearts to be united and expressed. Not to just think about what’s going on or complain but doing something about it. Taking it to our Father through prayer. Prayer is such a unifying and beautiful blessing.

It is obvious what message God is trying to send me through yesterday and today. Simply; pray. Pray on my own, pray with my brothers and sisters, pray for my brothers and sisters as well as pray for myself. To be in dialogue with my father. I believe that’s what prayer is all about. It’s a gift and avenue that God has given us to talk to him. Just like I can pray for my brothers hundreds of miles away on the phone, I can talk to my Father with a prayer.

I saw God today.

Did you?


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