The start of this Monday was not the greatest. Barely woke up this morning with the biggest desire to skip class but still got my tired self ready and went on my 30 mile commute to school. After I arrived, I went to the lecture hall my 10am class is supposed to be but for some odd reason no one was in there and the lights were off. It was only a couple minutes before class was supposed to start so it was weird no one was there. Then a lightbulb went off in my head and that is when I remembered.. Class was cancelled this Monday. I was very unhappy. I could have slept another hour.

So I just told myself to take advantage of the time before my 11am class so I went to the library and got some homework done ahead of time. That was somewhat satisfying because that meant I didn’t have to do any school work in the evening. So it hits about 10:50 and I pack my stuff up and head over to my class. I get there but again.. no one is there expect me and another class mate. I thought something was weird but still went in and took my seat. Then another professor walks in and looks at us and says, “Didn’t you guys get the email? Your class has been cancelled.”

I was honestly just so angry. Because yesterday my phone decided to die and I had to get a new one. So after reading the email today I realized the email was sent while I was in the middle of changing phones, therefore I didn’t see the email notification. I was just so frustrated with myself that I didn’t check my email last night and due to that I ended up having to wake up early and come all the way to school for no reason.

So I just went off to my car, slammed the door and took off to head back home. Being in the bad mood I was in, all I envisioned was getting home and jumping into bed and taking a nap. But the moment I started pulling out of the lot I started to rewind through my morning. Then something stuck out to me that put a smile on my frowning face.

For some reason our school’s janitor popped up in my memory. So this guy is the main janitor for the school and I run into him about every single morning. I don’t know his name or anything about him but every single morning he looks at every student with a big smile and just starts conversation. And today in the midst of all my frustration he came up to me and smiled and asked me how I was doing.

While I was driving off and thinking about his kind gestures and that big smile I started to grin. And I realized, it’s the little things. Just by someone like him who takes the second to say hello and ask how you are doing can change your mood and the momentum of your day.

Yeah God didn’t show up in some crazy abnormal way today. But he moved in a simple way. Through a man who I overlook every day. Through his smile and words. He made me think about God and also encouraged me to look into myself. I believe just like that man smiling at me asking me how I am, God looks at me with a smile and wants to know how I am doing in the middle of my frustrations and chaos. When I feel like I can’t smile, God does and that in itself should put joy in my heart.

God moves in various ways. Sometimes the simplest ways make you think the most. Helps you take a step back. Encourages to be thankful that He is always there. And makes you smile.

I saw God today.

Did you?


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