This past Wednesday at Refresh we had our first Praise and Prayer Night of 2016. It was a night where as a ministry we focused on worshipping God with an emphasis on prayer throughout the evening. For praise we had our praise team leader and a volunteer who was a sister that volunteered to sing.

God moved Wednesday night and it was so evident. While worship was being led I could see the Holy Spirit truly in motion in the two members leading. For the sister, it was her first time volunteering and for me, out of almost 10+ years of knowing her it was my first time seeing her sing in a praise team.

After that night I kept on feeling like God was trying to tell me something. And after a couple of days I could finally discern His voice. He was telling me that it was time to add a female vocalist to our praise team for Sunday service. So the question arises; who? But God gave me a crystal clear answer. He reminded me once again of the sister on that Wednesday night signing with the passion of the Holy Spirit and a genuine heart of worship.

So as I am deeply thinking about it a day or two after. My phone buzzes and I see that I get a Facebook message. Who was it from? That sister-in-Christ. Yes. She said she wanted to talk to me after service on Sunday. In that moment I looked towards God and just smiled. 🙂 He knew what He wanted and was going to make it happen. She didn’t tell me what she wanted to talk about but for some reason I knew deep down in my heart what the conversation was going to be on.

So Sunday rolls around (today) and after service, she remained in the room and we started talking. So I ask her, “What is on your mind?” and what does she say? “I think God is calling me to sing on the Sunday praise team”.

God moved. In her heart and mine. He spoke to both of us and put us on the same page.

God is so good. He has a plan and when something is in His will He will make it happen. Divinely and perfect as possible. He worked in both of our hearts simultaneously. God is awesome and His ways are beyond our own. He speaks to His children and tells us His desires. Together, we fulfill.

I saw God today.

Did you?


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