Wow, a long day it has been. I never could really understand when people said there weren’t enough hours to the day until recently. But through all the busyness and chaos God is still so good.

So today after my Public Theology class I met up with a dear sister-in-Christ for lunch. She hit me up about a week or two ago telling me how her spiritual life has been in a slump and she really wanted to talk about it. I wasn’t able to meet up last week but finally had the opportunity to meet with her and catch up.

We went to Findlay Market to talk over a bowl of pho (which is always a great idea). We got to the restaurant but since it was Friday and around lunch time it was hoppin. So we ended up having to wait for 20 minutes. So while we were waiting we went into the market and grabbed a seat at those red metal chairs (you know what I mean if you have been to Findlay Market). As we were waiting until they called us we took advantage of that time to just catch up on our spiritual lives.

It was great to just sit and chat and discuss God. She was able to really explain her current situation and position in her faith. So I just gave her as much advice as I could and told her a little bit about my dry season I just came out of not too long ago. We kept on talking and then we got the call that our table was ready.

Advice: If you have to be waited to be seated at a restaurant, just talk to a friend about Jesus and 20 minutes will feel like 2.

So we sat down and continued to talk but the weird thing was it felt like we got all the depressing stuff out of the way when we were at those red metal chairs and the moment we got to our table our conversations were just filled with joy and optimism for the future. As we were enjoying our spring rolls and pho we had a side of good Jesus talk and cups of joy. Very interesting how the ambience of a conversation can change so quickly.

It was really interesting to see how God was able to turn a difficult and sad situation into a time of laughter and rejoicing. That situation revealed to me the verse which states, “wherever two or more gather in the name of Jesus, He is there” in motion. We got lunch together not just as friends to just gossip or hangout but we met up as brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage each other in our walks of faith. And like that verse says, God showed up, in multiple ways. How? give me a second and I will say.

So we finally get done eating our pho and sweating out the msg from how hot it was in the restaurant. Then as we were leaving and going to our cars I was talking to her about the importance and power of prayer. So as we were getting closer and closer to our cars deeper our conversation got about the topic of prayer.

This is where God does something funny.

As I am looking at her while walking and talking to her about how she should continue to earnestly pray for herself, I look a little past her face and see this:

Yes, in the moment we were talking about prayer we turn and see this license plate say: 24/7 Pray. Some may call this coincidence but I call it confirmation and just a funny act from God. You can take it how you want it but I believe God wanted to show us that. Because the moment I pointed it out she was in awe, freaked out and went and took this picture. I believe that God used this to just put the cherry on top.

God is everywhere and moves in very unique ways. At times it could be as hilarious as speaking through a license plate. My God is a friendly, loving and caring Father who at times, has a good sense of humor. I like Him a lot and love Him dearly.

I saw God today.

Did you?




  1. Joe oh says:

    Love the license plate


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