Opening My Eyes

It’s now 12:45am on January 29th and this is the beginning of my new journal where I will write every day on how I saw God in that day. I am not one to publicly share much or fully express myself on social media but for some reason God has given me conviction to start this blog; which I would rather call a journal. Why? Because God opened my eyes to something tonight (since it’s past 12, technically last night).

After a long day of classes I met up with a dear brother of mine; Gunwoo for dinner, just to catch up on life and shoot the bull. After some delicious dinner and great conversation we ended up at Starbucks next door to the restaurant to do some homework and just hangout.

The real reason we were at Starbucks was because I needed some help with my Algebra homework. First time doing math in about 4 years… (Someone tell me why a Biblical Studies major needs algebra lol). So there I was sitting at the table drinking my coffee listening to Gunwoo give me a mini lecture that honestly seemed like gibberish to me.

I have a personality where when I am not interested in something I just totally zone out and become like a ninja, where I am fully aware of all my surroundings. Some may call this ADD but I call it multi-task awareness. So as I am just sitting there I look to my right and see two ladies in deep conversation while both writing in journals. Because I am so nosey I take a closer look and see that next to their journals are bibles. I end up eavesdropping and realize that they were sharing prayer requests with one another.

But then an older male sitting at the nearest table to them turns his seat around and faces them. At first I thought to myself, “Here we go… A creeper”. But then something amazing happened.

He looked at them and started talking and began by trying to make it clear that he was not a creeper. Then he said something along these lines, “I happened to look over and see you girls taking the time and effort to further your faith and it was really encouraging and I felt like God wanted me to come up to you to encourage you”. (And yes I am seeing and hearing all this while Gunwoo is continuing to teach me about factoring and the quadratic equation).

Then he goes on to speak words of truth and encouragement to both of them, and it was obvious that these words were not of his own but from God. The girls began to confirm that the things he was saying was what they have been needing and wanting to hear. After he was done speaking he just concluded with a nice smile and turned back around.

Then the girls began to chatter amongst themselves by expressing how in shock and awe they were that this man knew what they needed to hear. By looking at the expressions on their faces I could tell that they just encountered God in a refreshing way.

So why am I writing about this in my first post? Because God used that moment to reveal to me that He is alive and is moving in all places. He reminded me that He is not just dwelling inside of a church sanctuary but He is at Starbucks. He is everywhere. It was truly a blessing to see God move through that man and that man be used by God to reveal truth and love to those girls.

Through that God gave me a revelation and a new conviction. Which is to seek Him and look for Him every day and everywhere I go, because He will reveal himself to me. That is why I wanted to start this journal to challenge myself everyday to be on the look out wherever I am to find Him in new ways. God is good and He is here.

I saw God today. Did you?



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